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The Exmark lawn mower lineup is built with a focus on designing and manufacturing cutting-edge mowing and turf care products. Like Pickering Mower, Exmark is passionate about their customers and their equipment and focus that passion on learning and adapting to what a customer needs, both now and in the future. This helps Exmark produce the industry’s most productive, innovative and reliable products.

Why buy an Exmark lawn mower from a local dealer?

It makes the most sense to buy from a local Pickering dealer for lots of reasons – we have more knowledge, give better advice, have better selection (we’ll be able to select the exact right product for your needs), a service department (that’s a big one!) and we can offer you a personalized RELATIONSHIP – to name a few. We know what we’re talking about and will take the time to get to know you and your equipment – meaning we’ll get the job done right, on time, every time.

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About Exmark Lawn Mowers

*from Exmark Marketing Materials

“If you’re an Exmark lawn mower owner, chances are, you had a hand in building your machine. Whether you know it or not, you’re the reason the deck is deeper, the controls are smoother and the parts are fewer.

Before we build machines, we go into the field and ride alongside our customers. We get sweaty. We get tired. We get the best feedback. Then we gather our findings and get busy putting everything we learned into each nut and bolt. That’s the Exmark Advantage.

But that’s only part of the story. Our lines of communication are always open. Along with our tireless poking and prodding, we are supported by our incredible customer service department. Those guys always do us proud. So if you want to tell people you help build the best commercial-grade machines in the industry, go ahead. It’s not too far from the truth.

Professional-grade engineering. Innovation. Quality. Value. These traits have made the Exmark family of mowers the first choice of landscape professionals.
Machines that deliver the best cut quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. Built to meet the special demands of the commercial landscape industry. With the durability to reduce downtime, minimize maintenance and increase productivity.

Machines that are the result of listening to our customers. And the Exmark commitment to build the mowers you want, the way you want them. It’s what we’ve always done. And, not surprisingly, it’s what’s next.”

Want to learn more? Feel free to download the 2016 Exmark Product Brochure here.

Learn more about the Exmark Lawn Mower line in the Video below: