Billy Goat Lawn Equipment

billy goat lawn equipment

Billy Goat is the premier manufacturer of commercial grade lawn equipment used in debris management and property maintenance.

Billy Goat lawn equipment lines

Mowing Line: “We don’t want to build the most mowers; we simply want to build outstanding ones.” With 3 models available, there is a mower for all your cutting needs; cutting and striping your yard, mowing knee-high grass and overgrown vegetation, or cutting clear paths through the densest brush, grass or weeds.

Renovation Line: For those interested in building and maintaining prestige lawns and landscapes. This is a premier line of aerators, dethatchers, over-seeders and sod-cutters.

Debris Line: Billy Goat has built the best leaf and litter vacuums for over 35 years. This lawn equipment line includes vacuums, blowers, and debris loaders.