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Thriving businesses like yours depend on versatile, reliable equipment that gets the job done. You demand maximum productivity as well as ease of operation and low maintenance costs. Thanks to unparalleled value, quality construction, and a veritable “Swiss Army Knife™” of attachments and features, Toro Dingo Compact Utility Loaders can greatly expand your capabilities and make your business more profitable.


When purchasing tools vital to your contracting or property management business, you need the kind of top-notch support only Pickering Mower can provide. Here are some examples of what we offer:

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One of the many great things about the Toro Dingo line of skid steer loader products is that it offers a range of choices, options, and features that deliver real-world benefits to you and your business. Toro Dingo has you covered whether you work in cold or hot climates, high or low altitude, need maneuverability in tight spaces, require maximum flotation over loose surfaces, prioritize longer life, aim for lower up-front costs, prefer “do-it-yourself” maintenance, or need maximum power.

Regardless what your requirements are, there’s the perfect Toro Dingo model for you. On top of that, no matter which model you choose, you can count on superior traction, reliable hydraulic power delivered where you need it (the drive wheels/tracks and the attachments), plus thoughtful designs to make them gentle on turf.

At Pickering Mower, we carry the following Toro Dingo skid steer loader products:

TX Tracked Models

Toro Dingo TX 1000 skid steer loader dealer PickeringChoose a Toro Dingo mini track loader for applications when sandy, muddy, and other loose ground conditions are common. Additional features of the mini track loader models include a higher operating capacity to deliver added lifting ability. They also offer operator-friendly controls for ease of use.

Engine options include diesel (for more power, longevity, and performance in hot weather and high altitude), and gasoline (for lower up-front costs, better cold weather performance, plus easier maintenance and lower repair expenses). Configurations include ride-on skid loader and walk behind skid steer loader designs. For more information, view the entire TX tracked model lineup here.

Wheeled Models

Toro Dingo 220 skid steer loader dealer PickeringWhen worksite space is tight, speed is key, and you’re typically working on hard surfaces, a Toro Dingo wheeled mini skid steer is the way to go.  This is because their short wheelbase design improves maneuverability, while the ultra-durable wheels offer longer wear and faster transport.

Like the tracked models, engine options include diesel (for more power, longevity, and performance in hot weather and high altitude), and gasoline (for lower up-front costs, better cold weather performance, plus easier maintenance and lower repair expenses). All wheeled mini loader models feature ride-on designs for enhanced viewing of the working area. For more information, view the entire wheeled model lineup here.

Genuine Toro Dingo Attachments

Thanks to the wide array of Toro Dingo compact utility loader attachments, there’s practically no limit to the jobs you can do. In addition, by choosing genuine Toro Dingo attachments, you enjoy extra assurance of long life, optimized performance, easy operation, clear sight lines, not to mention effortless installation and removal.

Toro Dingo skid steer loader attachments dealer PickeringGenuine Toro Dingo attachments include:

  • High-Speed Trencher
  • High-Torque Trencher
  • Leveler
  • Stump Grinder
  • Tree Forks
  • Trench Filler
  • TX Platform (Turns a walk-behind tracked model into a ride-on)
  • Buckets
  • Universal Swivel Auger Power Head
  • Bore Drive Head and Rod and Reamer Kit
  • High-Torque Auger Power Head
  • Soil Cultivator
  • Hydraulic Breaker
  • Cement Bowl
  • Utility Blade
  • Tiller
  • Backhoe
  • Grapple Rake
  • Adjustable Forks
  • Snowthrower
  • Power Box Rake
  • Vibratory Plow
  • Multi-Purpose Tool (3-in-1 Ripper, Towbar, and Boom)

For more information, view the entire attachment selection here.

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