We stock and service every product we sell

Pickering Mower stocks, sells and services every product you need for your commercial landscaping or residential applications.

Since 1972, we’ve been providing the best in customer service to our loyal patrons.

Our sales team is happy to provide full consultations and demonstrations for all of our products.

And once you’ve made a purchase decision, our ‘Get Started’ program ensures that you know how to use your equipment safely and properly.

3 Toronto Locations
We have 3 dealer locations - Markham Mower, Newmarket Lawnmower or Pickering Mower. Each location provides sales, service, parts, repair and competitive pricing. We want this to be easy for you, so pick the location that serves you best!
Customers For Life
We want to be the dealer you trust. We want to help you make the right decisions for YOUR needs - whether you're buying, maintaining, or repairing your equipment. Don't hesitate to call or email us and let us know how we can help you out.

Proud Pickering Dealer Of:

Toro Snow Blowers & Power Brooms

Markham Mower has you covered with Toro snow blowers that are powerful and easy to maneuver. They'll get your walkway, driveway (and your neighbourhood if you're up for it!) clear of snow quickly and easily.

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Stihl Power Equipment

The STIHL brand and quality products can be relied upon, even in these fast-moving times. We're one of over 1,000 STIHL Dealers coast-to-coast that Canadians trust for product demonstrations, straight talk and expert advice.

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Stihl Chainsaws

We're proud to be a dealer of the STIHL chainsaw lineup. They combine innovative technology, high performance, optimum ergonomics and low weight. Accordingly, through a process of continual research and development STIHL chainsaws have evolved into a range of saws to meet every application.

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Yamaha ATVs

We're proud to stock, service & provide parts for the Yamaha ATV lineup which we believe is second to none in the ATV world - period. Like the slogan says, they're "tougher than any terrain".

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Yamaha Snowmobiles

We're proud to stock, service & provide parts for the Yamaha Snowmobile lineup - they're here because we love 'em. Like the slogan says, they'll "Rev Your Heart".

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Air-Flo Spreaders Dump Bodies

Air-Flo spreaders are good for spreading sand and salt solutions on trouble areas. Designed to be mounted on a truck frame or slid into an existing dump body, high-quality construction ensures years of trouble free service.

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Arctic Snow Plows

Much more than mere brutes, plows from both Arctic’s steel and poly families also demonstrate sophistication and technical polish. Their reputation for durability and performance is well known, but they are also recognized for advanced design considerations that enhance their performance, lower fuel consumption and prevent wear on vehicles.

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Fisher Snow Plows

Whether your needs call for a heavy-duty commercial snow plow, a v-plow to break through the deep snow drifts, a personal snow plow, a hopper spreader to help clear the big lots or a tailgate spreader for all-purpose ice control, trust FISHER® to get the job done reliably and efficiently.

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SnowEx Salt Spreaders

SnowEx has been a leader in snow and ice control since 1993 when they launched their first product. A combination of experience, versatility, dependability, and support keeps SnowEx the foremost experts in sand and salt spreaders.

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Western Snow Plows

For more than six decades the Western brand has been the first choice for snow plow professionals with revolutionary technology, expertise in the plowing industry and state of the art manufacturing capabilities.

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